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Our wood briquettes are clean, easy to handle, stack and store, burn longer and hotter and more economic than …


Our wood pellets 6 mm and 8 mm are an efficient source of heat because they contain very low levels of moisture and ash, when compared to woodchips …


Kiln dry firewood in boxes
  • species - hornbeam; oak, birch, ash - by the order
  • boxes  with inner size 115 x 80 x 205 cm ot 100 …


Also we offer several kinds of grill and fireplace accessories. Wood shavings firestarter is perfect for kindling charcoal, wood briquettes, …

About company

Braendex is deeply eco-oriented company and we are willing to provide our European partners with an economic supply of best quality eco-friendly wood fuel – briquettes, pellets and others. Our objective is to supply our customers with premium quality wood fuel at the most economic prices. We do not offer a wide range of products but concentrate on those branded fuels that provide the best balance of heat, convenience and value for money. Braendex is constantly developing company, we always search for the best ways to complete our orders with a high attention to details and individual needs of every customer.