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firewood in nets

Firewood in nets

Firewood is the oldest and the most traditional way to heat housing. It is natural fuel, which is being produced from 100% renewable resources. We offer kiln dry firewood in nets or boxes. It is classic choice for grilling, BBQ and fireplace.

  • 22 dm3, 10 kg ( +/- 1 kg)
  • length 30-33, 24-25 cm
  • hornbeam, oak, birch
  • 72 sacks in box, 32 boxes per truck


Please, check availability of each specie before the order.


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About firewood

Firewood is mainly manufactured and supplied in the form of chopped and split. The moisture content should be as low as possible. The length of the logs could be 25 and 33 cm. Logs could be packaged in nets or in wood boxes.
For heating purposes different firewood is used. Important for choosing one or another wood for fireplaces and stoves is their calorific value, combustion duration and comfort of using (the picture of the flame, smell). For heating purposes heat should be slower, but longer. For heating purposes all hardwood species fit perfectly. For stoves and fireplaces are mainly used wood species such as oak, beech, birch, hornbeam etc.