Wood Pellets 8 mm

We offer wood pellets 8 mm made from pine sawdust and packaged in Big Bags or transparent bags 15 kg loaded on pallets.

Packaging of wood pellets 8 mm

  • packed in 15 kg neutral bags or Big Bags
  • 990 kg per pallet
  • 22 pallets (or 22 Big Bags)


Measures of wood pellets 8 mm:

  • wood species: coniferous
  • diameter – 8 mm
  • ash up to 1%
  • moisture up to 9%
  • average calorific value – 18,4 MJ/kg


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About wood pellets

Wood pellets is pressed sawdust that have cylindrical form. Lignin acts as an adhesive component, which is released at high temperature during production.
Fuel pellets made of wood is eco-friendly kind of fuel, which is produced of renewable raw materials. When burning wood pellets emits the same amount of carbon dioxide, as in natural wood decay.
Wood pellets are used for heating boilers with automatic feed. Automatic feeding provides convenience and comfort, as one download is enough for 1-5 days of boiler`s work.

While choosing wood pellets quality, it is necessary to know basic characteristics: ash, moisture, calorific value. Recommended parameters for proper operation and service life of the boiler are indicated in the data sheet of the boiler.

We offer two types of wood pellets:


The cost of goods is calculated individually for each customer depending on delivery location.
You can order delivery of our wood pellets 8mm to any region of Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart, Dortmund, Essen, Duesseldorf, Dresden, Leipzig, Hannover, Bremen etc), to Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark etc.